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Danone targets plant-based ‘fence sitters’ | 2021-10-15

BROOMFIELD, COLO. — Danone North America is taking a “taste first” approach to dairy-free innovation to bring more consumers into the plant-based fold.

The company this summer recorded its sixth consecutive quarter of double-digit growth across its plant-based portfolio, but opportunities remain to attract the 60% of consumers that are not in the category, said Kristina Cole, chief customer officer at Danone North America.

Launching in January 2020, new Silk Nextmilk and So Delicious Wondermilk were designed to close that gap between traditional dairy drinkers and plant-based beverage consumers.

“One of the things that we are really focused on is the future of plant-based food and beverages,” Ms. Cole said. “We know that there is a significant opportunity to increase household penetration and awareness around plant-based beverages, and also be able to provide the nutritional benefits.”

Silk Nextmilk and So Delicious Wondermilk will launch in whole-fat and reduced-fat varieties at grocery stores and natural channels nationwide for a suggested retail price of $4.99 per carton. The dairy-free beverages don’t style like every particular plant-based ingredient, resembling oats or almonds, in keeping with the corporate.

Danone North America additionally plans to introduce a line of So Delicious Wondermilk frozen desserts in vanilla, strawberry, cookies and crème, buttery pecan and chocolate cocoa chip varieties. 

“This new platform provides a unique mix of plant-based ingredients to deliver the ultimate dairy-free experience,” Ms. Cole stated. “Smell and taste have always been a barrier, so how do we work to innovate to meet the needs of taste and nutrition? We believe that this launch is going to do that. We’re working to address the fence sitters, the people that haven’t engaged in plant-based yet but want to.”

Taste and diet are also driving innovation throughout Danone North America’s yogurt enterprise. The firm earlier this 12 months launched Oikos Blended Greek Nonfat Yogurt, which options 50% extra fruit than earlier varieties. Another new merchandise is Oikos Pro, a protein-packed yogurt that’s free from added sugars and synthetic flavors.

“Oikos Blended Greek Nonfat Yogurt has an over-the-top creamy texture and taste,” Ms. Cole stated. “Each cup of Oikos Pro yogurt contains 20 grams of high-quality protein, which equates to 40% of the daily recommended value.”

Along with preventative well being, meals security is a vital consideration for shoppers because the COVID-19 pandemic continues and the flu season approaches. Building methods that think about totally different business environments is essential to tackling these issues, Ms. Cole stated.

 “We are looking at the role of innovation in meeting the needs of consumers in the away from home space,” she stated. “One specific example is that we have essentially gone to touchless creamer options. We have bulk creamer machines that you’ll find in convenience stores.”



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