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Experiment with flavors to bolster snack sales | 2021-08-30

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Forty-three % of customers say they search for new flavors the entire time or more often than not whereas about 41% accomplish that often, in accordance to Mintel analysis.

As a consequence, corporations ought to depend on taste experimentation to gas the sales and consumption of all sorts of snacks, stated Lynn Dornblaser, director of innovation and perception for Mintel, throughout a presentation at SNAXPO21, held Aug. 22-24

In basic, Ms. Dornblaser stated, the sense of journey is correlated with age to some extent. Those underneath age 45 are most probably to search out new flavors the entire time whereas customers 55 and older are much less seemingly to attempt one thing completely different.

“When it comes to flavors and experimentation, it’s younger consumers, including Gen Z, of which the oldest is 26 this year, and younger millennials,” she stated. “Those are the ones who want to play around with flavors the most so they can be a key target market for you.”

Overall, the highest flavors akin to cheddar, salted, barbecue, garlic and ranch come as no shock, however older customers lean towards onion-flavored snacks whereas Gen Z have a tendency to favor peanut butter essentially the most.

Lynn Dornblaser“That could be a holdover from being a kid and eating an awful lot of peanut butter,” Ms. Dornblaser stated.

Younger customers additionally favor spicier and warmer flavors like Buffalo in addition to sharper flavors like vinegar.

In its analysis, Mintel checked out flavors which are extra frequent in different meals classes that might present some extent of differentiation for salted snack producers, probably in a take a look at market or as a limited-time providing. Some much less frequent flavors that may very well be utilized in snacks embrace espresso, coconut, chipotle, salami, pomegranate, mushroom and beer.

“They’re flavors or product types that consumers are familiar with, but not completely familiar with in salty snacks,” Ms. Dornblaser stated.

When it comes to experimenting with flavors, she added, snack producers ought to pair an uncommon taste, akin to maca, kimchi, goji berry or guajillo chili, with a well-recognized format, such potato or tortilla chips.

Or as a substitute of utilizing potatoes to create a chip, producers would possibly attempt an uncommon base ingredient, akin to seaweed or dried portobello mushrooms, and marry it with cheddar, barbecue or one other in style taste.

“If you’re going to experiment with base ingredients, start with flavor profiles that everyone knows,” Ms. Dornblaser stated.

Over the years, a number of the various bases which have turn into accepted by customers embrace cauliflower, chickpeas, plantains, beets, candy potatoes and black beans.

In addition to offering some extent of differentiation, these bases could also be thought of extra healthful due to the nutritional vitamins or minerals they include.

Ms. Dornblaser prompt that snack makers must be cautious when naming a product as nicely. A cayenne vinegar and pepper snack, as an illustration, must be spicy and sizzling sufficient to dwell up to its title or customers may be disillusioned once they attempt it.

Mintel’s analysis additionally exhibits that buyers perceive that they eat a mixture of snacks which are wholesome and unhealthy, though millennials and Gen Z snackers declare they’re extra seemingly to eat wholesome snacks more often than not.

“I bet some of the sales data that you have might run counter to that just a bit, but nevertheless, that’s what consumers say,” she stated. “They eat what they consider healthy and unhealthy, and they recognize some snacks are better for them than other snacks might be.”

Afternoon snacking is the most well-liked adopted by night and late-night munching. Ms. Dornblaser prompt that producers also needs to goal these hottest consuming events with merchandising and packaging to maximize snack consumption as a complete.



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